Friday, November 26, 2010

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

1. Does technology amplify your personality?
Technology dose amplify my personality because I am always on top of the new songs, and games that come out. Most of my friends are also so like that so we match and always talk about new songs, and games. We also listen to them on our iPods, sometimes we switch iPods so they can or I can listen to the new songs that I haven’t heard. So that's why technology is a big part of my life.

2. In your own experience, do you think gaming affects your sleep patterns or your ability to to retain information?
Yes it dose, because in the summer I had summer school in the afternoon. So I would COD all night, and then when I would go to sleep, I would dream about levels I didn’t pass, and think about ways to pass it when I’m asleep. It dose really affect my sleeping patterns so the day before a test I usually don’t play games, and get a good early night sleep, so I can remember all that I studied.

3.Should schools be embracing more technology or do the costs of technology (not just financial costs) outweigh the benefits? 
Yes they should have more technology in schools because almost every student knows or use some sort of technology to do their homework, or projects. Also the cost will be a lot right now but in the future we will SAVE a lot of tress, and that will even the cost of the technology. Also most teachers would prefer to use technology in the class because they want to teach in a new and fun way.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Placement Update

We didn't do anything last week because our teacher was away two days, and she didn't know when the best time was to meet us because I and Vlad don't have period 1 or 2 spare. This week we need to talk with her and ask her what she wants us to do, and how we can help her class with new technology.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Placement Blog

1) Finding ways to incorporate technology into existing projects
  • I would be good at this because I know somewhat about technology, and I am a very creative person. I can incorporate new technology into new or existing projects.
2) Teaching teachers and students to use technology and software
  • I am great leader and will lead students and teachers, on how to use new technology and software.
-         Creativity-8 I can make something out of anything.
-         Responsibility- 6 I have some problems with time.
-         Web design - 3 I don't really like designing things.
-         Developing action plans- 9 Pretty good at thinking things from the top of my head.
-         Teaching other people- 10 Really good leader, can help anyone with anything.
-         Meeting deadlines- 7 My work something comes a bit late, but its always done.

3) I am very comfortable leading groups or students or teachers. As playing on sport teams and been chosen as captain I was able to lead 15 guys on the volleyball team and same with the basketball team.

4) I would prefer to work with a partner because sometimes I have trouble making deadlines and also I like other people helping me out with things I am not good at.

-         Geography- Comfortable
-         History- Comfortable
-         Media- Not Comfortable
-         Business- Not Comfortable
-         English- Not Comfortable
-         Biology- Comfortable

Evaluating Your Ideas

My Idea is good, and I have gotten great feedback's from James and Nico. The teacher that I will ask is the geography and history. Diigo is really easy to use and the gr 10 student’s class we went to loved and said they will use it for all their other class. So I think Diigo will be very useful to the students in history and geography.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Enriching Technology

Enriching Technology

Idea: Using Diigo for ISP and assignment research  

Subject Area: All Subjects can use this website, because it is free and almost all subjects have an ISP or assignment that the students need to do research on.

Details: Technology needed:  First the students will make their own accounts. Then teachers of each class will start a group, where the students can join and everyone would be able to see what they’re doing. This way teacher can see if the students are on task, and also can see their websites.

·        Great website because students will be able to highlight and go back after their done and still see the highlighted parts.
·        It is very fun and students will really enjoy this website.
·        Students will be able to stick notes, and view them anytime they want.
·        One of the coolest parts is all this info will be saved in your account library and you would be able to view it form anywhere, and the people in groups also can view them.

·        There really is no cons to this websites it’s just that you might have to download a tool bar at the home, where the students can use this website, and view their information.

What needs to happen to make the Idea Work – Who is Responsible:

  1. Well I did Diigo so I would be able to show the students and the teacher how to use the websites.
  2. We would need the net book group to set up the wireless and give out the net books to the students.
  3. The teacher to tell me what they are doing their ISP on so I can find a couple of example websites.

Monday, October 18, 2010

web 2.0


About Diigo
Diigo is a very useful research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other hand.

A Personal Research Tool
Diigo can really improve your research productivity. Diigo is a very good tool to use when researching because you can highlight an important line or paragraph. You can also use sticky notes, to stick on the pages that you’re researching. One of the coolest things is that your highlights and sticky notes will stay there every time you come back, just like your book.

A Collaborative Research Platform
Diigo lets you share your research with friends, teammantes, and your colleagues. It will show all the highlighted points and the sticky so they can know what you have done.

A Social Content Site
Diigo users use tags to tag their research, so they have a very good community online that has created a wonderful repository of quality content. You can just type in one work that your about to research on and Diigo says ” they can probably get what you want in less time than using search engines, and you may also gain insights from other users”. They also have very good annotating pages online.

A Knowledge-Sharing Community
Diigo can provide new ways to connect with others who share similar interests. You can find "people like me" - those who are closest to you in interests, or search people by tags or sites to find others who share certain specific interests with you. Once you find someone you like you can add them to your friends list or add them to your watch list

  • Very good for gorup research becuase you can see what your peers are working on.
  • Bookmakrs your website that you are looking at.
  • Highlights the important parts you want.
  • Sticknotes where you want it, and you can view it.
  • All the highlighted and stick notes will stay even if you close the website.
  • The only con is that the teacher cant view your account if your working on it in the classroom.
Suggestions for educational uses:

This webstie can be used in any class that has research based projects, and will we a really use-full tool. We really got good in-puts form the class we visted on friday, they said they really liked it and were going to use it for all their classes.

Links to useful training materials, demonstrations and examples:

Username: WLMackenzie
Password: teacher

You can see all the examples I and Noah did.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We can do an animation music video, and use programs that people in our class learned in computer engineering. This is good because we can include the products and the logo into the video instead or trying to do it by use paper or a drawing in real life. I think this is the best way to go, and animation music video.